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Goals upon graduating: 

After completing my doctorate degree, I will become a faculty member at a research based university. My goal as researcher is to support non traditional students (e.g., single parents, working adults) to improve their quality of life. The purpose of my research is to support policy makers' decisions and provide evidence-based recommendations to the learning industry. 

Goals for the 2020 year: 

  • To submit a paper that used design-based research for publication. 

  • To have a narrow description of my research interests. Therefore, I would had prioritized a line of research above my other interests. 

  • To start a collaboration with one faculty out of Purdue University to broaden my research skills and connections. 

  • To nominate myself for a service position at AERA.  

  • To explore large data sets (e.g., ICPSRInstitute for Women's Policy Research).

Goals for the 2021 year: 

  • To have a peer reviewed research article published.

  • To defend my preliminary exams. 

  • To have internship experience.

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